Third party or trainings developed by the organization may be used to meet the on-going training requirements of the Long Term Care Equality Index. 

Requirement for LGBTQ+ Cultural Competency Training

The training must be a minimum of 60 minutes. The following is the curricula content required:
  • Define key terms and discuss the appropriate use of LGBTQ+ related terminology
    • Explanation of key terms
    • Generational differences in terminology
    • Appropriate and inappropriate terminology
  •  Information on the unique needs and perspectives of LGBTQ+ older people
    • Demographic and census data
    • Contemporary barriers to care/key statistics
  • LGBTQ+ inclusion with an intersectional lens
    • Historical experiences of LGBTQ+ people accessing care
    • Specific experiences of LGBTQ+ older people of color
    • Approaches for supporting transgender and gender non-binary identifying individuals
    • Trauma-informed care for LGBTQ+ people
  • Organizational, individual, and legal best practices and protections
    • Legal rights and protections that cover LGBTQ+ people
    • Best practices for long-term care communities in serving LGBTQ+ people
  • Answers to common questions
To request a training be approved for the LEI, please submit the below information regarding the training curricula. It may take up to four (4) weeks for a review to be completed. Approved trainings and providers will be listed on the LEI website if the training is intended to be offered to other organizations. 

Once a decision is made, or if further information is required, you will be contacted by Sherrill Wayland, Senior Director of Special Initiatives and Partnerships at SAGE.
Contact Information

Please answer the below questions regarding the training:

Submit the PowerPoint, handouts, and other relevant documents to support the curricula content. You can upload up to five documents.